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They hanged my dog with his leash. I'm too scared to go home now

By Brendan McDaid

A mother has spoken of the trauma she suffered when she opened her blinds to find her pet dog had been hanged with his own leash.

The heartbroken woman has now fled her home in Limavady, Co Londonderry, with her children after the latest shocking incident in a catalogue of terror.

The mum-of-three last night said she will never be able to return because of what happened to Buster, her family’s two-year-old jack russell terrier.

The sadists struck sometime between Monday night and 7.30am yesterday.

They lured the little dog from his kennel before stringing him up with his own lead to a metal pole at the kitchen window.

She also described how in the past fortnight she has had her own car attacked and destroyed, only for the same thing to happen to a courtesy car.

The family’s wheelie bins were also stolen and placed up against a neighbouring pensioner’s door before fireworks were set on them and ignited.

The woman said the horror being visited on residents of Drumachose Park is so extreme that a meeting had been set up by Limavady Deputy Mayor Alan Robinson for this Friday with police, Roads Service and the Housing Executive.

The latest shocking episode is now being investigated by detectives in Limavady.

The mother-of-three last night said she had bought the dog two years ago for her son’s eighth birthday.

Describing her ordeal just before she broke the news to her children she said: “I got up and pulled the kitchen curtains and he was hanging from a metal pole in the back garden.

“It was terrible, so distressing. The police came before I got the kids up and they got Buster down and into the shed.

“I am heartbroken and distraught, just devastated.

“I have always wanted a dog, all my life, but I was never allowed one. My husband wanted to buy one for my son’s birthday. I jumped at the chance.We got him and he did everything I said. He was more than a dog, it’s like I have lost one of my children.

“It’s disgusting, if the children had seen something like that I don’t know how they would have coped.”

The woman shielded her children from the discovery and got them to school yesterday.

The woman said the killing was the final straw, adding: “There has been a whole lot of incidents on the estate, breaking windows, fireworks in glass bottles being thrown at pensioners’ houses, wheelie bins being burned.

“I went to the Housing Executive today and they are trying to find me temporary accommodation. I just feel not safe, scared to go home. If they can do that to my dog what can they do to my children?”

MrRobinson said the people of Limavady are furious about the latest brutal attack.

“There are no words to describe how I feel about those who can commit such barbarity on a little dog,” he said. “The savages involved are clearly disturbed and it is vital that they are urgently apprehended.”

Mr Robinson’s father, DUP MLA George Robinson, last month brought a successful motion to Stormont calling for tougher sentences for deliberate cases of animal cruelty.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to contact them on 0845 600 8000.

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