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Thieves with a conscience return stolen war medals

By Cate McCurry

Stolen war medals belonging to a Belfast war hero have been returned to his family.

John Pelan's grandfather Sapper Mcintyre Shield Pelan and his two brothers were awarded a number of decorations for their service during World War One.

His home in north Belfast was robbed a few weeks ago and a number of the medals were taken by the burglars.

John and his family had been left devastated and appealed to the thieves to return the sentimental items.

On Monday night a bag containing all of the medals was left on the bonnet of Mr Pelan's car outside their home.

He said: "I heard the gate opening and went to the window and saw the box on the car and it was there, everything that was taken.

"It was relief and shock, and fair play to the person who left them back.

"They could have done anything with them as they weren't worth much money.

"I visited all the medal dealers asking if they had seen them. I hope it did strike a chord with them and it appealed to their human nature and saw this meant a lot to our family."

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