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Third of firms to work wedding day

Only 60% of businesses in Northern Ireland will be giving staff the day off to watch the royal wedding.

While most public sector workers will not have to clock in on Friday, more than a third of private companies will be expecting employees as usual, according to a survey of local bosses.

Though of those at work, apparently half will be allowed to watch William and Kate tie the knot on TV or the internet in the office, the survey by Neal Lucas Recruitment found.

The executive search and selection company quizzed HR directors on how they will operate on Friday.

A quarter said they consulted staff before deciding whether to take the day off.

"With many companies beginning to see real upward movement in their markets after a tough couple of years, it is of little surprise that many are keen to keep at it and are making employees work", said Neal Lucas.

"However, 20% of companies surveyed are offering staff the option of taking three days off at the Easter weekend instead of the traditional two if they work instead of watching proceedings from Westminster Abbey."

The survey also found that 45% of companies view the royal wedding as a financial loss while 35% claim it was morale boosting for staff in the current climate.

"However they have gone about it, many organisations will be looking forward to getting everyone back in the saddle next week with their batteries fully charged to make the most of some promising market conditions into the third quarter of the year," said Mr Lucas.


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