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Thousand set to attend protest against Comber pet attacks after pills found



Lilly died after being poisoned on the Comber Greenway

Lilly died after being poisoned on the Comber Greenway

Lilly died after being poisoned on the Comber Greenway

Up to a thousand people are now expected to attend this Saturday’s ‘Enough Is Enough’ march over concerns about the number of attacks on pets along the Comber Greenway.

And yesterday the attacks showed no sign of letting up with a box of over 100 pills found mixed with pieces of chicken at the gates of Billy Neil Playing Fields.

Last week a three-year old King Charles Spaniel died after consuming food laced with rat poison and a guide dog was lucky to survive in a separate poisoning incident.

Campaigners have appeal for as many dog lovers as possible to attend Saturday’s protest march as the number of incidents continues to rise.

Previously double sided razor blades had been found placed inside jelly.

The Comber Greenway Campaign, who are organising Saturday’s protest, have now asked for volunteer marshals to come forward and assist along the route towards Comber given the increased numbers expected to attend.

“Unfortunately, Billy Neil Playing Fields carpark is not available due to the high volume of people expected to attend and the need for the facility to maintain the sporting events occurring on Saturday, said Dr Lisa Coyle-McClung of the Comber Greenway Campaign.

“We would ask that people consider taking public transport to the event and parking at Dundonald park and ride or in Comber.

“If this is not practical then we would ask that those travelling by car to respect the local homes in the area and be considerate when parking.


Tablets covered in gravy found on Comber Greenway

Tablets covered in gravy found on Comber Greenway

“To the majority of us pet owners these are not just attacks on animals, they are attacks on our family.

“These incidents are indiscriminate. There are many animals along this green belt, our wildlife, this is their habitat and they also have a right to live.

“Only two days ago my husband and I had the privilege to watch a young fox play on the Comber Greenway, an innocent wild animal in its natural environment but now also at risk.

“If you have any information please contact the PSNI so whoever is doing this can be brought to justice.

“In the meantime, please make sure your pets are safe and keep an eagle eye out for our wildlife to ensure they are not harmed.”

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