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Threat made to alleged drug dealer

Republican paramilitaries want to shoot a Belfast man allegedly involved in dealing drugs to children as young as 10, the High Court has heard.

Police are deciding whether a threat warning should be issued to Kevin Davidson, prosecutors said.

The 22-year-old, of Hallidays Road in the city, faces charges of possessing cannabis and possession with intent to supply.

He was refused bail after a judge ruled that his release would expose him to the risk of “inhuman or degrading treatment”.

Davidson was stopped on the Antrim Road in Belfast on April 4, apparently under the influence of drugs, the court heard.

Fiona O'Kane, prosecuting, said: “Police had received information that this applicant the previous night had been supplying drugs to young boys, including 10 and 14-year-olds.”

She told the court street searches led to digital scales, a list of names, and a 30g bag of suspected herbal cannabis being found on him. Another four smaller bags, just over £260 in cash and other drugs-related paraphernalia was also recovered.

He denies selling drugs.

Davidson, who is also charged with resisting police, wanted bail to live with his mother. Mrs O'Kane said that wasn’t suitable.

“Masked men purporting to be from a particular republican organisation entered the premises on April 13 demanding to know where this applicant was and claiming men were wanting to shoot him,” she said.

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