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Threats man gets 10-month sentence

A man who told a taxi driver he would rape his daughter and burn down his house has been jailed for 10 months.

Scott McIlmoyle (23), of Anderson Park in Limavady, admitted a series of offences that occurred on March 4.

The court heard that the taxi collected passengers from Kelly's nightclub in Portrush.

In transit, one of the men became aggressive and started banging the vehicle. The driver stopped next to the police station and the man was removed.

As the journey progressed McIlmoyle became aggressive, calling the driver a “police tout”.

He continued to abuse the driver and then struck him on the head, causing the driver to fear he was going to pass out.

When the driver saw uniformed police he stopped and McIlmoyle was arrested.

Judge Noel Dunlop ordered McIlmoyle to pay £150 in damages and sentenced him to six months in prison. He also invoked a suspended sentence of four months.

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