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Three in taxi cheat death at Antrim train station rail barrier


A taxi driver and his passengers had a lucky escape when a railway crossing barrier came down on top of their car near Antrim train station.

It is believed there was a male driver and two female passengers in the vehicle at the time.

It is understood everyone managed to get out of the car before a train arrived.

There were no reports of serious injuries.

It is understood the car was approaching the Springfarm level crossing at around 9pm yesterday as the barrier came down on top of it.

Ulster Unionist councillor Adrian Watson told the Belfast Telegraph last night: "It's very disturbing and it potentially could have been a very fatal incident with loss of life.

"There were 10 people killed in Great Britain in these type of crossings.

"It's a very lucky escape. This is the first incident I've heard of this type."

He added: "Safety has to be paramount and for potentially 30 seconds, that's all it takes, this could have been a fatal accident."

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