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Three men arrested as police issue dissident warning

By Catherine Lynagh

Dissidents are intent on trying to murder police officers in the coming days and weeks, the PSNI has warned.

The news comes after police made three arrests in relation to dissident republican activity in south Armagh yesterday.

An operation on Friday was centred on an area near the border with the Republic.

Police have said that they cannot release any further information on the operation at this stage.

But they have warned the public to remain vigilant over the Easter period because of the “severe” threat posed by the terrorist groups.

“Police believe terrorist groups are intent on trying to murder officers in the coming days and weeks,” a spokesperson said.

“Dissident terrorist groups are continuing to identify officers and target them with the single objective of killing them.

“And, in so doing, their reckless actions will also put the lives of our wider communities at risk.

“The public will see an increased, visible police presence over the coming days and weeks and we ask for their patience with their officers if they are inconvenienced due to police activity.

“We are taking these steps to keep communities and their officers safe. We would not do this if it was not absolutely necessary to protect life.”

Meanwhile, police were yesterday called to two reports of suspicious objects.

In the first, Army Technical Officers were called to a house in the Woodvale area of north Belfast after workmen reported finding two suspicious objects.

In the second incident, a police helicopter was used to search after reports of an explosive device in the Lismore Park area of Sion Mills in Tyrone. Police said nothing untoward was found in either of the searches.

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