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Three months for Twelfth of July rioter

A man who jumped from one PSNI Landrover to another during Twelfth of July rioting has been jailed for three months.

James Moore waved a flag as he kicked out at police lines and tried to tear off a wing mirror amid disorder in Belfast.

The 30-year-old, of Hillhall Park, Lisburn, admitted charges of riotous behaviour and attempted criminal damage.

Moore was part of a crowd gathered at Woodvale Road amid tensions over an Orange Order parade being banned from passing the Ardoyne area.

Belfast Magistrates Court heard that when later arrested and shown footage of the trouble he accepted his involvement, telling police he was "blocked".

A prosecution lawyer said CCTV evidence depicted him climbing on to a Land Rover then moving across to a second one. He was banging and striking out at police while holding the Ulster flag. Moore also tried to hide his face with another flag, the court heard.

Defence solicitor Sean McCann argued Moore's behaviour was less serious than those involved in attacks on police: "It really was not a situation of him being a leader or egging anyone one. It was pure stupid, drunken behaviour."

But Judge Fiona Bagnall said her views were clear on those who got involved in rioting.

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