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Three rescued pups die from virus

By Cate McCurry

Three of the six rescue puppies dumped at a Co Antrim pound have lost their fight for life after contracting a deadly virus.

The seven week olds - Half-pint, Nala, Dobby, Flora, Max and Casper - were being treated for the highly contagious canine parvovirus. The were abandoned at Nutt's Corner pound and taken in by a local rescue centre.

Believed to be hounds, the litter battled the virus but three of them - Half-Pint, Dobby and Nala - passed away over a number of hours yesterday.

However, Suzanne Fleming, who helped with the rescue, said that hope remains for the surviving three pupils which are being treated in a veterinary clinic in Limavady.

She said: "The surviving three are at the make or break stage of their medication.

"The vet thinks that the three deaths were a lull and while the other three are quite weak we feel there is some hope there.

"They getting multi-vitamins through their drip and taking things hourly.

"Unfortunately the others didn't respond to the treatment."

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