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Thug who bit victim's ear avoids being sent to jail

By Staff Reporter

An "annoyed" Enniskillen man caused a significant injury after sinking his teeth into his victim's ear, causing it to tear and bleed profusely, a court has heard.

Michael Carey (25) of Derrin Park pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm to the male victim during an incident on April 23 last year.

Dungannon Crown Court heard the victim was in his home when he noticed neighbours returning from a wedding, one of whom was Carey.

He decided to call down to the house, where he socialised for a time. At some point he went upstairs and entered a room where Carey was in bed.

The victim recalled Carey sitting up and grabbing him by the head. He then "put his mouth to the victim's ear and sank his teeth". The ear was torn and bleeding profusely and the victim was treated in hospital, where the injury required 18 stitches.

The gruesome incident was reported to police. Carey accepted what had occurred, claiming he "acted out of annoyance".

Carey pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

Pre-sentence reports recommended he would be best dealt with by a probation order, providing conditions were imposed.

His honour Judge Stephen Fowler QC was told Carey had 18 previous convictions, mostly for public order matters, but also one of a violent nature.

However, he agreed probation was the appropriate sentence, imposing an order for two years.

In addition Carey was ordered to reside only at an address approved by his supervising officer.

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