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Thugs batter Good Samaritan


Two vicious thugs stopped beating the Good Samaritan who had offered them shelter only when they thought they had killed them.

Eddie O'Hagan's act of kindness turned into an nightmare when the couple he let into his home at Beechwood Crescent in Londonderry refused to leave, then savagely battered and robbed him before leaving him for dead.

Mr O'Hagan offered shelter to a woman he knew by sight when she turned up at his doorstep, but she and a man with her later battered and robbed him before making off. The victim was left dazed and almost unconscious from blows his attackers rained down on his head, face and body.

He has been left so traumatised he has changed his attitude towards helping strangers.

Speaking to the North West Telegraph, Mr O'Hagan said: "I will not let anyone across my door again unless I know them well.

"I was brought up to help people where and when I could, so when this girl that I knew by sight knocked on my door and told me she was freezing I didn't hesitate in telling her and her boyfriend to come into the heat.

"I offered them a couple of beers and we chatted until I wanted to go to bed and asked them to leave.

"Out of nowhere the man punched me in the face and told me they were going nowhere. I couldn't believe it, he punched me again and again. Bang, bang, bang – the blows kept coming.

"I curled myself into a ball to try and protect myself, but the two of them were kicking me until I was in a complete daze. I came around to see the man with my hammer in his hand, and I could hear them saying they were going to take my TV and my mobile phone. The man said 'I think he is dead, we had better go' which was when I decided to play dead.

"I was so scared and I am still scared, it was horrific."

The thugs eventually left and, in his dazed state, he managed to reach his neighbour's house and raise the alarm.

He is now back in his home, where he appealed to anyone with information to give it to the police.

He said: "The way I see it, someone must know these two.

"I recognised the girl, but I don't know her name. But she is local.

"I want them caught because if they can do this to me, they could do it to someone elderly.

"I'm 50 and have a heart condition, I had a pacemaker fitted six years ago, but what if they attacked one of my neighbours who is a pensioner? That is so upsetting for me, they thought they had killed me and didn't care, so they could have killed some of my elderly neighbours and they still would not have cared."

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at Strand Road on 0845 600 8000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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