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Thugs lock elderly trio in bedroom during raid

By Cate McCurry

Three elderly people have been left shaken after being locked in a bedroom by burglars, police have said.

The two women aged in their 90s and a man in his 80s were forced into the downstairs room of their house in the Hilltown Road area of Kilcoo in Co Down on Saturday night during the aggravated break-in.

Police said three men made their way into the house sometime between 9.40pm and 10.40pm and ransacked it.

The elderly occupants were not injured in the burglary but officers said they were left shaken by the ordeal.

It is not known if anything was stolen from the pensioners.

Meanwhile, a Londonderry woman has spoken out about her terror during a violent robbery and hijacking.

Hairdresser Germaine McBride and a customer were attacked at her home at Woodside Heights in the Waterside area on Thursday morning.

Police have arrested two men aged 32 and 37 in connection with the incident and the attempted robbery of a credit union in Donemana.

Mrs McBride said she felt lucky to be alive.

"He says: 'Give me your keys.' I said: 'I don't have any keys, my husband's got my keys,' and he just punched me in the face and I fell to the floor," she said.

"Then he just got on top of me and kept punching me in the head and in the face."

The two men left the scene in Mrs McBride's customer's car, taking her handbag and mobile phone with them. Mrs McBride said the attack has left her in pain and afraid to leave her own home.

"It was all so quick. He just pushed the door open and punched me and then I was on the floor.

"He lifted my head by the hair and kept punching me and I was just thinking: 'I'm going to die.'

"His eyes were bulging out of his head, he was just really really angry. I was covered in blood, my whole face was covered in blood. My nose is cracked and is really sore and my head's sore but it could have been worse," she said.

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