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Thugs trash gym equipment for second time in Belfast park


Valuable outdoor gym equipment in a popular west Belfast park has been put out of action after being targeted by vandals at the weekend.

It's believed that fireworks were used by the thugs in the Falls Park on Saturday, in what is thought to be the second attack on equipment this year.

A Belfast City Council spokeswoman said last night: "The council is aware of this incident and will be working to restore the equipment for use as quickly as possible."

Anti-social behaviour has been an ongoing problem in the Falls Park.

Councillor Stephen Corr said yesterday that every year, thousands of pounds were spent by the council repairing damage caused by vandals in the park.

"There's a massive problem in the city with a transient youth, because of social media, they go wherever the next place is to hang out," he said.

"When they are destructive and wreck the facilities that we lobbied hard for ... the ratepayers of the city, their own parents are paying for this, that's what annoys me.

"There's young people hanging out, they shouldn't be in here, by and large 90% of them hang out and then they go home again, but there's a small minority who are hell-bent on destroying the investment we bring in," the Black Mountain Sinn Fein councillor told ITV.

"They are involved in anti-community behaviour, because they are attacking their own community and the facilities that we are trying to bring here."

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