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Thumbs up for the honesty of Belfast after tourist's lost £7,000 is handed in

By Adrian Rutherford

A Chinese tourist who lost his entire holiday savings of almost £7,000 has praised a Good Samaritan who handed it over to the police.

Bin Zhou misplaced his bag containing the cash after returning from a visit to the Giant’s Causeway on Monday.

The money was to cover a month-long holiday for Mr Zhou, his partner and child.

Without it — and having not brought a credit card — the family was left with just £5 in loose change.

However, after contacting police they were informed the cash had been found.

It was discovered by security staff at premises in the High Street area of Belfast.

Mr Zhou, who’s visiting Northern Ireland for the first time, said he was impressed by its people and was very grateful to everyone who helped find his money.

“I think Northern Ireland is a beautiful place and the people are very kind-hearted and honest,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

Mr Zhou, who is from Pingxiang in China’s Jiangxi province, arrived on Sunday with his partner Li Taoye and young son Xiao Yu.

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This is the honest man who found the £7,000 in cash and handed it to police 

They are spending three days in Northern Ireland before travelling to the Republic and then on to Britain.

They plan to spend a month travelling in the UK and Ireland.

Mr Zhou brought £4,100 and €3,500 (about £2,450) to pay for the holiday.

However, disaster struck on Sunday when he misplaced a bag containing all the cash.

“We went to the Giant’s Causeway for a day tour,” he said.

“When we came back I went to the shop to buy some items. I realised my bag was lost.”

Mr Zhou contacted the tour company, but there was no sign of his bag when he returned with staff to check the bus.

After going back to his hotel in Belfast he asked the receptionist to contact police.

Several hours later he attended the station and was told his bag had been recovered — along with all of the money.

“They gave me the lost bag and I counted the cash. I had not lost any,” Mr Zhou added.

“I was very worried. We had no credit cards, we only had cash.

“We only had some small coins, not much over £5.”

He said he was very relieved and grateful to the people who helped find his money.

“I’ve no idea about where the money was lost — maybe on the bus, maybe on the road,” he added.

“I’m very, very thankful.

“The people of Northern Ireland are very honest and warm-hearted.”

PSNI Chief Inspector Robert Murdie said: “Shortly after 8pm on Monday police received a call from security staff at premises in the High Street area of Belfast advising they had found a bag containing a large sum of money.

“Police recovered the bag and took it to Musgrave police station for safekeeping.

“Police received a call from a member of the public later in the evening reporting he had lost his bag containing a large amount of money somewhere in Belfast.

“Police advised the caller that his bag had been recovered and, after confirming his identity, were happy to be able to reunite him with his property.”

Mr Zhou said that, thanks to the people who found his money, he now intends to enjoy the rest of his holiday.

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