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Thunder to rumble in next week as wet summer looks set to continue

By Linda Stewart

Keep your brolly at the ready - that rain isn’t going far.

Forecasters say the weather could be drier for the next few days but the chances of a downpour aren’t far away and thundery weather is on the way early next week.

MeteoGroup forecaster Mario Cuellar says today will be mostly dry and cloudy but sunny spells could break through at times. However, northern areas can expect some coastal drizzle and the temperatures will remain between 17C and 20C — which is fairly low for the time of year.

Tomorrow will be generally cloudy with occasional sunshine, possibly in the evening, but some drizzle can be expected in northerly areas.

“Monday looks like it will be a bit brighter, with perhaps more sunny spells, but mainly cloudy. The afternoon will be brighter but heavy showers might develop,” he said.

Mr Cuellar said the chances of thundery weather were greater on Tuesday and there is a risk of heavy showers on Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday, however, could see some drier weather, he said.

The Met Office says Sunday and Monday will be largely cloudy with patchy rain in the west and drier, warmer weather in the east, followed by sunshine and showers on Tuesday.

“Bands of showery rain are expected to move north-eastwards on Wednesday and early Thursday with these perhaps heavy and thundery and strong winds possible in the east,” a spokesman said.

“For northern parts it will likely stay more changeable with bands of rain, and occasionally strong winds, arriving from the west, these interspersed by interludes of drier and brighter conditions with isolated showers.

“Temperatures will generally be near average for most areas through the period, though south-eastern parts will likely see some warm, or even very warm days at times, particularly at first.”

The Met Office says similar unsettled conditions are most likely to extend into August.

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