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Time to beef up security as bull wanders through suburbs

By Colin O’Carroll

Onlookers were left stunned when a bull decided to go for a wander through the suburbs of Enniskillen this week.

The roaming animal is believed to have escaped from a trailer parked nearby and then ambled around local houses, trampling over gardens and flowerbeds along the busy road.

Bewildered residents could only stand back and watch in amazement as the brazen bull hoofed it past their homes.

It was obviously in search of some home comforts as it stopped at a neat little cottage and stared in the front door. But luckily for the residents, they didn’t come to see who was calling.

Police attending the scene of a minor road traffic accident just up the road were called in to help, but sensibly maintained a discreet presence in an effort not to spook the wandering beast.

However, the officers put a tail on the animal when it galloped away from the scene and continued for nearly a mile.

Local man Ray Bell spotted the bull making its escape from its owner’s trailer.

“I saw him coming out, and he ran straight into a garden opposite my house,” he said.

While in the neighbour’s garden the bull trampled over the lawn and knocked over flowerpots, before stopping at the front door of the house and peering through the window.

“It was standing in front of the door just looking in at itself, admiring itself in the door — it was so funny,” laughed Ann Maguire, another neighbour who watched the bull’s escapades for an hour.

“Worried? Of course we were. We closed the gate but it wouldn’t have stopped it,” she said.

Her husband Dessie said: “The police didn’t know what to do. The bull kept trying to get to the back of the house — it ploughed up the garden.

“Then it went down on two legs and jumped over the fence and back onto the road.”

The animal was later captured and removed unharmed after its little outing.

It’s not clear if it will face a grilling when it gets home.

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