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'Time to debate Troubles victims'

Debating the victims of Northern Ireland's Troubles is appropriate in light of Gerry Adams' arrest by detectives investigating the murder of a Belfast mother-of-10, an MP has claimed.

Democratic Unionist Nigel Dodds said victims need to be reassured that people will be brought to account "no matter their status or their standing in society".

Sinn Fein president Mr Adams h as vehemently rejected allegations made by former republican colleagues that he had a role in ordering the death of Jean McConville.

She was was dragged away from her children after being wrongly accused of passing information to the British army in Belfast.

Former West Belfast MP Mr Adams was detained last night after voluntarily presenting himself for interview at a police station in Antrim.

During business questions, Mr Dodds (Belfast North) asked Commons Leader Andrew Lansley: " In light of the arrest and detention of a certain Gerry Adams in connection with the murder of Jean McConville, a mother-of-10 who was abducted and murdered by the IRA - of which Gerry Adams was commander in Belfast in the 70s - simply for going to the aid of a dying soldier, would you agree it's an appropriate time for a debate on victims, so that they can be reassured that evidence will be followed and people will be brought to book no matter their status or their standing in society?"

Mr Lansley replied: "You will I'm sure understand that I'm not in a position to comment at all on any ongoing police investigation.

"But the point you make about victims is an important one.

"I think we should always, indeed as I know (Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers) at this despatch box recently has made very clear in relation to wider circumstances about the questions on the on-the-run terrorist review that we will always make sure the needs of justice are served, and victims can see that we are continuing to pursue the issues relating to seeing justice served."


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