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Timepiece tribute to liner on display

By Amanda Ferguson

Titanic enthusiasts from all over the world are checking out a unique clock on display at Belfast City Hall.

Created by renowned Swiss timepiece maker Patek Phillipe, the £150,000 clock is on display in the reception area until Friday, after which it will be placed in the Lord Mayor's parlour.

Owned by businessman Jim Fitzpatrick, it was designed to reflect the luxury and historic significance of the Titanic.

Its dome shape was crafted to recall the departure of RMS Titanic from Belfast in 1912.

Beautiful cloisonne enamel work illustrates the ship's domed glass ceiling. Lengths of gold ribbon are used for the partitions, and the design contains 22 intricate enamel colours and 200 gold spangles.

Mr Fitzpatrick said it is a symbol of Belfast's illustrious past.

"I am pleased in making this gesture to mark the beginning of the new Belfast City Council," he added, referring to the new super council that has been in operation since April 1.

"Already there are signs of renewed vigour and determination to make Belfast a capital city worthy of the title and the pride of all its citizens."

Belfast's Deputy Lord Mayor Guy Spence said: "This is a wonderful and generous gesture which will no doubt be enjoyed by the hundreds of locals and visitors who pass through City Hall every day.

"This beautiful showpiece is a great symbol of our pride in the past whilst the clock is ticking towards a new era filled with hope and positivity."

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