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Tiny twins welcomed at zoo

By Linda Stewart

Belfast Zoo's pygmy marmoset El Diablo will have his hands full this Father's Day following the arrival of newborn twins.

El Diablo, named after the devil because of his mischievous nature, will be celebrating his first Father's Day at the zoo with a busy day caring for the youngsters, who are less than a fortnight old.

Pygmy marmosets live in family groups, but it is the male's responsibility to care for, protect, carry and return babies to the mother to nurse.

Pygmy marmosets are the smallest monkeys in the world and the tiny twins, who were born on June 3, are only the size of a human thumb.

Senior keeper Linda Frew said: "Our gorilla house is quite unique as it is home to both the largest and smallest primates in the world; Western lowland gorillas and pygmy marmosets.

"El Diablo is a very mischievous marmoset, which is why he got his name from the Spanish for 'the devil'.

"However, he has become a fantastic father in recent months. He welcomed twins in November and now the latest arrivals mean that he is a proud father of four."

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