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Titanic and DeLorean included in Los Angeles Museum of Failure

The DeLorean and the Titanic are just two out of hundreds of objects that are on show at the Museum of Failure in Los Angeles.

The Museum of Failure hosts a collection of history's epic fails by some of the worlds best known companies.

Included in the 'collection of failures' are the famous Dunmurry-built DeLorean car, made famous by the hit film Back to the Future.

Museum curator and clinical psychologist Doctor Samuel West, West said: "The car was supposed to be revolutionary with its gull-wing doors, all high-tech.

"The problem with it was they took such a long time to get it into production, the competition had already released cars that were cooler than this one.

"It was a huge misadventure in car manufactuing."

The Titanic which famously sunk on its maiden voyage between Southampton and New York in 1912, is also included in the collection.

Other examples on display in the museum are Harley-Davidson Perfume, Bic for Her and Google Glass, all massive flops in the innovation world.

Doctor West believes the theme of the museum is "companies need to accept failure as an essential part of innovation and that organisations have to become much better at learning from their failures."

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