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Titanic effort by bakery to mark sinking of liner


Bakers at work on the Titanic cake

Bakers at work on the Titanic cake

The Titanic cake

The Titanic cake

Bakers at work on the Titanic cake

A Belfast bakery has taken on a Titanic task to remember the city's most famous ship.

The Belfast Baking Company will use the original blueprints of the White Star liner to create an exact replica made from cake.

A team of bakers will produce the cake to mark the anniversary of the sinking of the ship that went down on her maiden voyage to New York on April 15, 1912.

It will be made on site at the bakery, which is located just a few doors away from the famous Harland and Wolff Drawing Rooms where the blueprints they have used were originally produced 104 years ago.

The bakers started work on the seven-and-a-half foot replica yesterday and hope to have the structure completed by Thursday to allow customers the chance to have a slice.

To create the mammoth baking extravaganza, a team of four bakers will need to use over 50kg of ingredients - the same weight as an average 16-year-old.

The team will be creating the cake behind the glass portholes on the wall of the bakery and are encouraging visitors to come down and have a look as they construct and decorate the cake.

Paul McDonald, owner of the Belfast Baking Company explained: "The anniversary of the Titanic was coming up and we thought that we should do something to mark the event because we are so close to where it was built.

"We've done a large cake that weighed about 15 stone for the Belfast Giants last November so we're always looking to do slightly different things.

"We sat down and decided we would go all out with this one. We wanted to get the proportion exact so we got the blueprints and projected them to draw out the outline for the base.

"We're aiming for it to be 1 to 110 to scale."

The bakers visited the nearby Titanic Belfast Museum to make sure they could perfect all the detail on the structure.

The cake will be made out of layers of sponge, buttercream and jam and decorated with icing.

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