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Titanic Half Marathon: A catalogue of errors at Titanic event

Richard Bradley handed out water to runners during the Titanic Half Marathon and 10K on July 12. He was there at 7am. He tells Claire McNeilly what it was really like on the day

"I organise duathlons on the Harbour Estate and if there had been a safety incident it might have jeopardised other events so I wanted to make sure everyone was safe.

“There was no signage whatsoever on the course and only two portaloos. They only had approximately 20 2L water bottles for 600 plus runners; there should have been more. The race started 35 minutes late.

There was no PA system. I saw nine marshals, not the 30 they claimed. There should have been an accurate map provided to all runners. My friend who was running was given two sewing needles to attach his race number because they ran out of safety pins.

“At one point an ambulance was escorted by the police from the halfway point to the finish line at speed through the runners to attend to someone there. There should have been more than one ambulance. There should have been a BBQ, as advertised.

“There was no 5K walk, nor was there a kids’ fun run, as advertised. There were no medals afterwards — and still are no medals. The T-shirts were poor quality. Some people got their money back from their banks — not Endurance Junkie. They state they don’t refund under any circumstances. But there are four clear reasons why the half marathon was short which were within Endurance Junkie’s control — the lack of map before the event; the lack of PA system to give a race briefing; the lack of signage including turnaround point and mileage markers; and a lack of marshals to direct people. Those are four important things that were within their control which they failed to provide.”

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