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Titanic tale of two little lost French boys

As the centenary of the Titanic draws closer and the festivities beckon, touching stories of the vessel's demise continue to surface and few are as heartfelt as little Louis and Lola's tale.

Not their real names, Louis and Lola were in fact two French brothers named Michel and Edmond Navtratil, aged four and two, who boarded Titanic with their father. Although having full custody of the boys, without permission Mr Navtratil took his children to pursue a new life in America but on that fateful day, the selfless father placed his boys in a lifeboat, promising to follow them.

Sadly Michel and Edmond's father did not survive the disaster and for almost one month the boys were orphans in New York until a widespread media campaign which referred to the lost boys as Louis and Lola saw them reunited with their mother Marcelle.

Talking years later, Michel recalled the day he last saw his father, saying he felt no fear but remembers Mr Navtratil asking him to tell his mother he always loved her.

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