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Titanic's designer went down with ship after ignoring Gypsy's warning

By Eddie McIlwaine

If Thomas Andrews had taken the advice of an old Gypsy woman who approached him a few days before he boarded the Titanic, of which he was the chief designer, he would not have gone down with his ship.

She warned Andrews that if he sailed on the Titanic, calamity would befall him.

The Comber man chose not to heed the warning and he died with the doomed liner in April 1912.

I mention the incident today because the story is told in a book Titanic: Psychic Forewarnings Of A Tragedy by one George Behe, which was published several years ago, but has just come my way. Andrews was a much-respected figure at Harland & Wolff where the Titanic was built and if he had decided to stay home it would have been a sensation that year when she met her sad end.

Behe has researched scores of similar warnings to passengers and crew, but he can't guarantee they are all authentic.

Anyway, this is a Titanic book with a fresh look at a tragedy that will never be forgotten.

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