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‘To suggest that he could step into St Patrick’s shoes is an insult beyond words’

Dear Mayor de Blasio,

Ex-Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams with Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio
Ex-Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams with Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio

We who are the innocent victims of Provisional IRA terrorism and who come from across the community, nationalist, unionist, Protestant and Roman Catholic, from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, are deeply hurt, offended and bewildered by the actions of you, Mayor de Blasio, who this year felt it appropriate to rename St Patrick’s Day ‘Gerry Adams Day’.

We are astounded at your level of naivety and callous disregard for the tens of thousands of innocent victims/survivors of PIRA’s murderous terrorist campaign which spanned over four decades.

The man you have lauded was the president of the provisional republican movement; he is effectively ‘commander in chief’ of an organisation which brought misery to lives from across the community, across the island of Ireland and beyond.

Have you any understanding of the impact your actions have had upon those of us whose lives were devastated by the Provisional IRA’s murderous actions?

Remember, this is the organisation which Mr Adams has provided ‘political’ cover for, whose members he has carried coffins, and the organisation for which lead intelligence sources state Mr Adams was himself a member holding key leadership roles.

How would you and the citizens of your city respond to that?

Did the events of 9/11 not bring any sense of perspective to you and others about the evils of terrorism and the brutal aftermath and devastation caused?

You were extremely public with your recent actions concerning Gerry Adams, why now are you unprepared to be equally as public with your defence of these actions?

Saint Patrick was a man of God who came to Ireland to provide Christian witness, his life had worth and meaning — to suggest that Gerry Adams could somehow step into St Patrick’s shoes is an insult beyond words.

Mayor de Blasio, please understand that Gerry Adams was one of the principal policymakers within the republican movement which brought death and destruction, not only to the people of the island of Ireland, but also Great Britain, mainland Europe, and their terror was then exported to Colombia, Palestine, Spain and many other nations — the Provisional IRA are the genesis for so much violence across our world.

Elements within your nation provided political backing and justification for that campaign of terrorism, your nation made available armaments to sustain that campaign and your citizens provided financial backing through supporting organisations such as Noraid, etc.

Instead of lauding the republican movement’s terror campaign we would call upon the US State to account for its past actions in these matters.

Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism; you can’t call it that on your home soil and then justify or excuse it when it’s carried out on other’s soil.

A public apology is needed from you and a withdrawal of your comments last week; we also request an urgent meeting with you to more fully discuss these matters.

Yours, The innocent victims of PIRA Terrorism

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