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Making news: our students attend the morning news conference with Belfast Telegraph's editor Mike Gilson
Making news: our students attend the morning news conference with Belfast Telegraph's editor Mike Gilson
Callum (17) is from Ballysillan, Belfast and attends Belfast Boys' Model School
Curtis (17), is also from Belfast and attends Belfast Boys' Model School
Kate (17), from Comber, Co Down, attends Strathearn School in Belfast
Christopher (17), from Lurgan, attends St Patrick's Grammar School, Armagh
Michael (17), from Derrynoose, also attends St Patrick's Grammar School
Rachel (18), from Holywood, Co Down attends Strathearn School in Belfast

Today eight teenagers will determine what you see and read in the Belfast Telegraph.

The editor's chair has been temporarily vacated to allow our team of young editors to shape the news agenda of northern ireland's leading daily newspaper.

All this week the telegraph has been focusing in print and online on the results of an extensive poll which examined the attitudes and concerns of our young people, and throughout that coverage, our eight young editors have been adding their own individual slant, with commentaries, interviews and news stories.

Today that unique contribution is brought to a climax with a newspaper in which the young people call the shots.

In today's newspaper you'll read the stories of the day that they think you ought to know about, the stories that reflect their concerns and aspirations. you'll also read the stories that entertain them, and those that simply pique their interest.

Belfast Telegraph editor Mike Gilson said at the beginning of our experiment that "young people have energy, ideas and passion but are rarely being heard".

During the past week, and especially today, the Belfast Telegraph has given them the voice they deserve.

The editorial team

Kate Umphray

The 17-year-old lives in Comber, Co Down, and is studying AS Levels at Strathearn Grammar in Belfast. Kate has an interest in a media career.

Michael McGrane

The 17-year-old is studying journalism for A-Level at St Patrick’s College, Armagh, and lives in Derrynoose, Co Armagh.

Christopher Seeley

The 17-year-old from Lurgan is also studying journalism. He is a pupil at St Patrick’s College in Armagh and wants to study law.

Curtis Hill

The 17-year-old from Ballysillan, north Belfast, is an AS student and attends Belfast Boys’ Model School and wants to work in the film industry.

Callum Sweetlove

Also aged 17 and from Ballysillan, north Belfast, the AS student from Belfast Boys’ Model is studying |politics and film studies.

Rachael Adamson

The 18-year-old media student attends Strathearn School, a girls’ grammar school in east Belfast, and lives in Holywood.

Olivia Wasson

Our other 18-year-old, Olivia is an A-Level student at Methodist College, Belfast, and lives in the Upper Lisburn Road area of the city.

Maya McCloskey

Our youngest student editor at 16, Maya attends Lagan College in Belfast and lives in the Rosetta area of the city.

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