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Toddler in Britain’s Got Talent coin scare

By Michael Bashford

The father of a three-year-old Bangor girl has said his daughter could have choked to death on a coin after copying a contestant on the primetime ITV show Britain’s Got Talent.

Abi Busby, from Whitehill in the town, was taken to the Ulster Hospital on Thursday, May 6, after swallowing the two pence coin on the way home from a family trip to Ballymena with her mum Michelle.

Mr Busby said his daughter told him she had swallowed the coin after speaking to her on the phone as he left work that evening.

“When I arrived home I immediately rang our out of hours GP to get his opinion as we were so worried. My partner also went online to see how dangerous this was.

“We were then advised to take her to accident and emergency at the Ulster Hospital immediately.”

He continued: “As the doctor was checking Abi he asked her why she had swallowed the coin. She told him ‘the magic man on TV with the yellow coat told me to do it’.

“I knew immediately she was talking about Stevie Starr as she loves to watch the show because of the dancing and all the other funny acts.”

Mr Busby said he was concerned that the coin could have got stuck in her throat or respiratory system and revealed that Abi would have to let ‘nature take its course’ for it to be flushed out of her system as it is still in her stomach after a week.

“We will have to take her back to the hospital shortly and have another x-ray if necessary,” he said.

“In fact, the x-ray was the scariest thing for her the first time so I’m not looking forward to that again.

“In the meantime we have been told to keep an eye on her but thankfully at the minute she is okay.”

Stevie Starr, 47, known as the The Regurgitator, is known for swallowing items such as pool balls, coins and bulbs before regurgitating them.

In a bizarre twist Mr Starr will be bringing his act to Bangor’s Cafe Ceol tomorrow, Thursday, May 13.

A Facebook page for Stevie describes him as a “bizarre phenomenon to the world of showbiz, this ginger haired, slightly built, thirty-four year old baffles his audience by swallowing a variety of items and then bringing them up again, not only dry and clean, order”.

A statement from Britain’s Got Talent said: “A clear warning was given to the viewers before Stevie Starr's act: ‘What Stevie is about to do is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted at home. If you do, it may cause serious injury or even death.”

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