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Toilet brush ‘weapon’ seized in Magilligan jail

A toilet brush handle is one of a variety of weapons seized during searches at Magilligan jail over the past three years.

The implement was one of 22 ‘weapons’ found during searches of the prison in a haul which uncovered knives, nails, a dental tool and a toilet brush handle, according to Justice Minister David Ford.

Between January 2009 and December 2011 the weapons were recovered as a result of cell, property, and prisoner searches, according to findings from Mr Ford’s department, which were detailed in response to an Assembly Question.

Among the items recovered were a four-inch-long metal blade, a double blade melted into a razor handle, a six-inch nail sharpened to a point, razor blades, a toilet brush handle, a plastic curtain rail with three screws attached and two razor blades melted onto a toothbrush handle.

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