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Tony Blair gaffe: Bloody Sunday happened in Belfast

By Gary Fennelly

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair claims in his new book, A Journey, that Bloody Sunday took place in Belfast.

Writing in his memoirs published last week he says: "To assuage Nationalist opinion and under pressure from the Irish, I also ordered an inquiry into the Bloody Sunday shootings in 1972, when British troops had opened fire on protesters in Belfast, killing a number of people."

Blair ordered the £200m Saville Inquiry into the deaths of thirteen unarmed men shot dead by British army paratroopers in Londonderry after campaigns for a second inquiry by families of those killed and injured.

John Kelly, a relative who campaigned for a new inquiry, told the Derry Journal: "I find it incredible. Tony Blair set up a £200m pound inquiry into what happened and doesn't even know where the event took place."

The memoirs also contain Blair's first public comments on the inquiry since the findings were published.

"Until it reported in 2010, I considered it a classic example of why you should never conduct inquiries into anything unless utterly impossible to resist, or in the most truly exceptional circumstances.

"However, the report, when published, proved me wrong. It has been worth it; an exhaustive and fair account of what happened," he said.

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