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Tony Blair invited to give evidence to Libya IRA aid compensation inquiry

MPs have invited Tony Blair to give evidence to an inquiry into compensation for Libyan-sponsored IRA attacks.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi gave arms and Semtex explosives to the republican group during the Troubles.

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee is considering how UK victims of the late Libyan leader's aid can be compensated.

Chairman Laurence Robertson has written to the former prime minister asking about his role in negotiations which produced a deal between the US and Libya.

He said: "There is a real sense amongst the victims that an opportunity to include them in the agreement reached between the US and Libya was missed in 2008.

"The committee is keen to shed some light on this and, in doing so, maybe provide some kind of closure for the victims."

He asked Mr Blair to submit written evidence and said he may be invited to speak.

In 2008 Libya paid £1 billion to US victims of Libyan terror attacks.


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