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Top dog Jack laps up praise for helping owner Harry after tumble


Harry McLarnon with his pet dog Jack

Harry McLarnon with his pet dog Jack

Harry McLarnon with his pet dog Jack

Harry McLarnon is hailing his pet dog Jack a hero after the one-and-half-year-old Bichon Frise raised the alarm when his master took a tumble whilst potting plants and was left lying helpless on the ground unable to get up for half an hour.

As the 91-year-old, who uses a walking stick, shouted out for help at his Ballymena home, Jack ran onto the nearby Broughshane Road and was, according to Harry, "barking his head off" in a bid to attract attention.

Eventually Jack's efforts paid off and despite risking his life by running around on the busy road, people attending a meeting in the grounds of nearby All Saints Church realised something was wrong.

When three people responded to Jack they then found Harry who was still lying at the rear of his home out of public view.

The trio were quickly able to help Harry up and make him comfortable on a chair and fortunately the only injury he suffered was a graze on his arm.

Said Harry: "I was potting up some plants and I had come inside and went to go out again when I fell from the steps.

"I am liable to falls because of my age and if I fall I can't get back up and I just kept calling out if anybody could help me.

"Luckily, Jack was with me and a few people were going to a meeting in the chapel heard Jack. He was definitely barking his head off to attract attention".

Harry said he was thankful Jack was on hand to end his ordeal.

"I gave him a big hug afterwards," he said. Harry, a former contractor, said the incident happened as his daughter Bridget had gone "out on a message". He added: "She is generally here, she never leaves me and I would be lost without her".

Harry said carers also visit him four times a day but his tumble happened in between their visits. He said Jack had saved the day.

Jack now seems to be lapping up all the attention and it is definitely a 'tail' with a happy ending.

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