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Top excuses for Northern Ireland passengers having no train ticket revealed

'My brother is a solicitor and you will be in big trouble'

A part-time police officer lost his job after attempting to travel on a train without a ticket.

He was among 92 rail passengers caught by operator Translink last year. A recent increase in the number of cases on the line to Jordanstown was linked to the start of the new university term.

The policeman's excuse when challenged was: "I am a part-time police officer, so I don't have to pay."

Between January and December last year 22 passengers were collectively fined £2,508 for irregularities like using an invalid ticket or staying on the train for a greater distance than paid for.

An additional 70 penalty fares of £20 were imposed for not buying a ticket.

The top excuses for fare evasion included:

:: "I am only travelling one stop."

:: "I bought a ticket earlier but I have lost it."

:: "I didn't hear the conductor asking if I needed a ticket - I was asleep, had my headphones on, was looking out of the window."

:: "You are a public service and I paid my taxes, now you are looking for more money."

:: "My brother is a solicitor and you will be in big trouble."

:: "I thought it was still 2011." (Student with a card which was a year out of date)

:: "I just bought the ticket before I got on the train, your machines must be wrong." (Out-of-date ticket)

:: "My mum/dad have paid for my ticket at the other end."

:: "My uncle is the line manager here." (Said to the actual manager)

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