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Top US doc offers to help sick Armagh boy

A specialist doctor in America has offered to help 11-year-old Andrew McMurdie from Poyntzpass after hearing about his sleeping illness from a concerned stranger.

After the Ulster Gazette reported on the boy who sleeps up to 20 hours a day and is now confined to his bed, reader Barbara Kell contacted US physician, Dr Jamie Deckoff-Jones who offered to treat the boy in America.

Andrew’s mother, Jacqueline confirmed that Dr Deckoff-Jones, who is a specialist in conditions such as ME, has since been in touch and even Skyped the family to arrange a visit that could last up to two months.

“Just last week the doctor Skyped us and seen Andrew. She told us she could help with his symptoms.

"However, he would have to go over to America and we thought it would initially be four weeks but it could be up to eight,” Mrs McMurdie told Ulster Gazette.

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