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Tory Flight’s welfare remarks ‘frightening’

Well known Bangor man Adam Harbinson is to stand as an Alliance candidate for North Down in the next council elections.

Mr Harbinson, a debt counsellor, condemned last week’s suggestion by Tory peer Howard Flight that the welfare reforms “will precipitate a baby-boom among working class people who don’t want to work”.

“His comment that child benefit changes would encourage people who are poor to ‘breed’ is disgusting and exactly what we have come to expect from ‘the nasty party’.”

He pointed out that 23 of David Cameron’s 29 strong Cabinet are millionaires, while North Down has some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Northern Ireland.

“Working as I do as a Debt Counsellor, I can assure the noble gentlemen that every single person I have dealt with on a professional basis in the last six months, desperately craves the dignity of being able to provide for their family work.

“These ill-conceived comments are at best concerning, at worst they are frightening.”

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