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Total number of Assembly election candidates down by 48

By Staff Reporter

There will be 228 candidates contesting the March 2 Assembly election.

And 68 of the would-be MLAs are women - just over 30%.

That marks a rise of 2.5% female candidates since voters last went to the polls just nine months ago.

The number of candidates is down from 276 at last May's election - but so are the number of seats being contested.

Last year, there were 108 seats up for grabs across 18 constituencies, but this year there are 90.

All the main Stormont parties are reducing the number of candidates they are running.

The largest party, the DUP, is running 38 - six fewer than last year. Its former Executive partner, Sinn Fein, drops five - from 39 to 34.

The UUP will have 24 candidates - two fewer than in 2016 - while the SDLP will be down three, on 21.

Alliance will also be running 21 Assembly hopefuls - down two. The Green Party will be running 18 candidates, while the Conservatives have 13.

CISTA (Cannabis Is Safer Than Tobacco) have three candidates; Labour Alternative have four, the PUP has three; People Before Profit have seven; the TUV has 14, Ukip has one, the Workers Party have five and there are 22 independents.

The full list of candidates can be seen at

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