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Tour for Troubles' 'missing' exhibition

An exhibition highlighting the plight of the families of the Disappeared starts a tour of Ireland in Londonderry tonight.

Seventeen people were 'disappeared' during the Troubles after they were abducted, murdered and secretly buried by republican paramilitaries. To date only 10 bodies have been recovered.

Sandra Peake, chief executive of the Wave Trauma Centre, said the victims' families had been heartened by being asked to bring the stories of their loved ones and their loss into the heart of communities on both sides of the border.

"When the exhibition was in Belfast City Hall in November upwards of 10,000 people viewed it and as the comments in the Book of Remembrance showed they were moved by the powerful simplicity of the message," she said.

"The families want the remains of all of the Disappeared to be returned. It is as simple as that."

As part of their campaign for information the families will take the exhibition to as several locations in the coming months, including Dundalk, Drogheda, Monaghan and Dublin.

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