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Tourist left badly injured after being hit by a car

By Staff Reporter

A Canadian tourist visiting the International Wall in west Belfast has suffered serious injuries after he was hit by a car.

The incident happed in Northumberland Street just after 2pm on Friday.

It's believed the man was hit by the car as he got out of a taxi. The man's wife and son were with him.

Aged in his 50s, he was rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital with head injuries.

The PSNI said: "His injuries are thought to be serious but not life-threatening."

Officers investigating the collision are appealing for witnesses to the incident. Anyone with information which may be of help to the investigation should call the non-emergency number on 101.

Scores of tourists flock to see the long wall covered with colourful political murals on Northumberland Street, off the Falls Road.

The International Wall features a number of murals which range from commemorating the Easter Rising to Ché Guevara and even Unionist leader Edward Carson.

Meanwhile it has been reported that more than a dozen tourists have been mugged close to the murals in recent month. Earlier this month a would-be robber attempted to seize a French visitor's camera gear in the area, but they were scared off when locals intervened. A rally against anti-social behaviour was staged in the area following that incident. Sinn Fein MLA Fra McCann said visitors viewing the murals on the Falls Road are increasingly being targeted.

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