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Tower of toxic tyres gathered for Eleventh night bonfire

By Rebecca Black

Hundreds of tyres are piling up for what could end up as this summer's biggest Eleventh Night bonfire.

This toxic hazard is set to go up in flames and fumes a month from today in New Mossley, where loyalists have been illegally collecting tyres and pallets since February.

One of the organisers boasted the finished pyre would be even bigger than the infamous 'Beast' - a monster 66ft bonfire constructed in the nearby Ballyduff estate two years ago.

There are estimated to be 1.8million used tyres generated in Northern Ireland every year - one for every person here. Environment Minister Mark H Durkan revealed that around a third of them disappear.

And he said the official 30% figure is a "conservative estimate".

Tens of thousands of them end up being used illegally on the massive bonfires for the annual July 11 celebrations which have been under construction in many areas throughout Northern Ireland for months.

It has also emerged the NI Environmental Agency is attempting to source the tyres which are at a bonfire site at the Craigy Hill estate in Larne.

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