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Town marks Edward Carson anniversary

A milestone event will be re-enacted this weekend when members of the Orange Order parade through Enniskillen to mark the centenary of Sir Edward Carson’s visit to the town.

Large numbers of brethren and sisters, accompanied by marching bands, will stage a procession through the Co Fermanagh town on Saturday.

Former unionist leader Carson opened his anti-Home Rule campaign in Enniskillen in September 1912 and addressed a massive rally as part of a tour of the province — known as the Carson trail — aimed at galvanising support ahead of the signing of the Ulster Covenant later that month.

The Enniskillen commemoration — which commences at 1pm — will include a re-enactment of Carson’s visit by actors in period costume at the town hall, as well as a pageant and floats depicting Ulster over the past century.

The main parade is due to start at 2.30pm.

Fermanagh county grand master Norman Johnston said: “We appeal to all unionists to come to Enniskillen to pay tribute to the great deeds carried out by our forefathers in Fermanagh 100 years ago.”

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