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Toying with sentimentality

Toy Story 3 had grown men and women in floods of tears about putting away their childhood toys and now over half of adults in Belfast have admitted they have clung on to one or two of their favourite toys, revealing themselves to be the most sentimental city in the UK, according to research released by LEGO UK.

Of those toys which have suffered the fate of the dumpster, over half of people in Belfast blame their mums or dads for making the unpopular decision to do away with those childhood favourites, and with the new university term around the corner and lots of teens preparing to fly the nest many parents may be considering a similar fate to Andy’s toys in Toy Story.

However they should think twice. A quarter of respondents think they could have made a quick quid or two out of their old retro toys, and they’re right. Famous toys like a first issue Action Man have been sold on for an average of £8, but in pristine condition it could be worth £200 - £300.

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