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Tradesmen 'priciest in south west'

Tradesmen are more expensive to hire in the south west of the UK than anywhere else in the country, according to a study.

The average cost for services from an electrician, plumber, plasterer and tiler would set a customer back £1,138 if they were living in Bristol, figures from Post Office Financial Services have revealed.

It is closely followed by Birmingham and Brighton whose totals both came in at over £1,000, the survey said.

London is the fifth most expensive out of the 12 cities surveyed with a cost of £963 to hire all four tradesmen.

The Post Office study asked 144 professional tradesmen to quote for a typical home renovation or maintenance job for a fictional 1970s two-bedroom semi-detached house with a garden.

Bristol was more than double the amount quoted in Belfast at £557, the lowest in the UK.

Nick Kennett, director of financial services at the Post Office, said: "We found it really interesting to see the huge disparity in cost of hiring professional tradesmen across the UK.

"There are obviously lots of factors at play with how much a tradesman charges and why, but the findings do put a spotlight on the financial challenges homeowners in different parts of the country face when repairing or renovating their properties."


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