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Tragic Caron keeps in touch 14 years after death: Gloria Hunniford

Close: Gloria Hunniford with Caron
Close: Gloria Hunniford with Caron

By Staff Reporter

TV star Gloria Hunniford has revealed she receives 'little messages' from her late daughter Caron.

The Loose Women star (77) was speaking about her long broadcasting career, and the tragedy of her daughter Caron's death in 2004 after cancer.

Grief has not faded over those 14 years, Gloria told the Sunday People magazine.

"Losing a child takes you to the darkest spot you could ever imagine," she commented.

Speaking of her Christian faith, the Portadown-born star revealed: "I don't know what heaven will look like, but I fundamentally believe that I will see Caron again.

"She believed in angels, and so do I now."

And occasionally, Gloria says she sees signs that Caron is 'keeping in touch'.

"I'll come home from a rough day and it will be lashing with rain, but I'll find one dry feather on a wet doormat, and I just think 'That's Caron'," Gloria told the magazine.

She added: "I don't care if people think believing in angels is stupid, it brings me some comfort."

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