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Transfer test results in, now pupils must wait to learn about new school

By Rebecca Black

Thousands of children across Northern Ireland received their transfer test results on Saturday and are now faced with the decision of which post-primary school to apply to.

There were more than 15,000 entries to unofficial transfer tests last year. Of these, there were 8,169 entries to the tests set by the Association for Quality Education (AQE), and 7,150 entries to the GL tests set by the Post Primary Transfer Consortium (PPTC). A number of children sat both systems.

Simon Graham from Newtownards was among the parents of kids facing the nerve-racking wait for results day. He said the results came as a big relief, but added that the family won't find out which school son Zack has got a place at until late spring.

Zack (10), who attends Abbey Primary School in the town, received a score of 119 in the AQE tests.

"We were delighted but there is still uncertainty as we don't know exactly what scores are needed to get into the school he wants to go to," Mr Graham told the Belfast Telegraph.

"We just have to go on what the schools accepted last year, but we can't be certain that that is what they will accept this year. Next stage will be interviews with teachers, and we won't find out which school he has got into until May."

In relation to the tests, Mr Graham said he and his wife had been more worried than Zack appeared to be.

"He was so relaxed on the day of the tests he sat," the father explained.

"He just walked in, and when he came out and said it had been fine, we were more nervous than he was."

In the AQE tests sat in 2017, the top score awarded was 130, while in the GL tests 282 was the highest figure.

P7 pupils will find out in May which school they will be attending in September.

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