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Translink: 90% of Glider accidents resulted in no injuries



The Glider bus service

The Glider bus service

The Glider bus service

Translink has said 90% of the incidents the Glider was involved in during its first year resulted in no injuries.

It comes after the Belfast Telegraph revealed that a total of 88 collisions were recorded in the 12 months to September, with an estimated five-figure cost for repairs.

The service was launched with great fanfare in September 2018 and received a £90m investment from the Department for Infrastructure. It is Translink’s first direct cross-city service connecting east and west Belfast, linking into Titanic Quarter via the city centre.

Translink said that in its first year the Glider carried over two million more people compared to the bus services it replaced.

However, concerns were raised after it emerged it has been involved in 88 collisions in its first 12 months.

In the same year Translink paid out £20,000 on repairs. DUP MLA Christopher Stalford said the number of incidents needed to be investigated.

Director of Service Operations at Translink, Ian Campbell said safety is “always our top priority and Glider is an extremely safe way to travel”.

Mr Campbell said: “Glider vehicles have travelled over 1.3million miles since the launch and ten million passenger journeys were made across both corridors during the first year.

“Of the 88 incidents in Glider’s first year of operations, 90% resulted in no injuries and most were minor.

“A large percentage were caused by 3rd party vehicles cutting into the path of Glider or emerging from a side road into the bus lane.

“Safety is always our top priority and Glider is an extremely safe way to travel, meeting British and European safety standards.

“We would appeal to all road users, whether driver or pedestrian, to be aware and vigilant of Gliders and buses operating in Bus Lanes”.

Translink said the incidents refer to an event where a bus has collided with another vehicle, property or person and an injury, or no injury, has been sustained. Incidents are recorded irrespective of fault.

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