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Translink announces fare increase for bus and rail services

Fare for the Glider system in Belfast are to rise.
Fare for the Glider system in Belfast are to rise.

Translink has announced fares are to increase on many of its bus and rail services next month.

Fare changes on Metro/Glider, NI Railways and Ulsterbus will come into effect from Monday April 1.

On average, fares will increase by 2.6% but Translink said many "best value" fares have been held and discounts of around 25% will continue to be available using 'Smart' tickets.

Chris Conway, Translink Group chief executive said: “We have worked hard to keep fares low by keeping our costs down and attracting record numbers on board over recent years with new services including Glider and Urby.

“We are urging passengers to check their fare options before they travel and look for the best deals such as the range of Metro and Ulsterbus Multi-journey Smartlink cards offering around 25% saving off the cash fare.

“Other options like weekly and monthly tickets offer great value for rail commuters while we also have a range of special discounts available for leisure markets with 1/3rd off Ulsterbus, Goldline and rail fares and special family tickets”.

“We actively work to encourage customers to get the best fare and would direct passengers to our website, social media and contact centre to get more information to start saving.

Fares will increase on average by 2.6% from April. (stock photo)

Richard Williams, head of transport at The Consumer Council said: “This increase broadly compares with recent average bus fare increases of 4.6% in England, 5.3% in Scotland and 2.5% in Wales, and average rail ticket increases in England and Wales of 3.1%, and Scotland of 2.8%.

“We would ask all Translink passengers to actively check fare boards at stations and on bus/trains, to see the specific impact this fare increase will have on their individual ticket, as certain journeys may increase by more or less than the average 2.6%.”

New prices:

  • Metro City Zone £2 fare to increase 10p to £2.10
  • Metro Daylink/mlink fares: unlimited day travel price held £3 off peak / £3.50 peak
  • Metro Weekly Travel Smartcards price held at £15.00
  • Metro Monthly Travel Smartcards price held at £55.00
  • Ulsterbus Town Service Travel smartcards price held at £2.20
  • Ulsterbus Town Service Smartlink Weekly Travelcard price held at £10.00
  • Ulsterbus Town Service Smartlink Monthly Travelcard price held at £38.00
  • 1/3rd off Day Return fares on NI Railways and Ulsterbus, after 9.30am, to be retained.
  • NI Railways: Free weekend travel facility on local rail network on monthly tickets to be valid for all tickets over £85.00
  • Prices held for Zone 1,2,3 and North West iLink – integrated bus and rail smartcard available for 1 day, 1 week and 1 month.
  • Family Day Ticket fare £22.00 - no change

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