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Translink Belfast bus driver made detour to Winemark off-licence

By John Mulgrew

A Belfast Citybus driver went off route and stopped off at an off-licence while driving his passengers across the city.

One passenger on the 7B Laurelgrove Metro service said she couldn’t believe what was happening as the driver made the impromptu and unscheduled stop at a Winemark off the Ormeau Road.

The incident happened on Monday last week shortly before 9pm as the service was heading back into Belfast city centre.

“After I got on he turned off almost straight away and went on a detour,” said one passenger.

“I had no idea where we were going but then he pulled up in front of a Winemark and went in.

“I couldn’t believe it and I could see a member of staff in the shop looking out the window at the parked bus — it was very strange.”

A spokeswoman for Translink said they had investigated the incident.

“The driver in question has admitted disembarking for a brief time to purchase a soft drink.

“He has apologised for his actions and Translink will be following the appropriate corrective measures with this employee.”

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