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Translink cuts 'mean no new buses in 2013'

By Anna Maguuire

Translink has refused to comment on reports that it will not be able to buy any buses in the coming year.

Reports last night claimed that severe cuts in Translink’s capital investment budget will mean it cannot afford any purchases in 2013.

The public transport company needs to purchase an average of 90 buses every year to maintain the condition of its current 1,400-strong fleet, the BBC reported.

Translink declined to comment.

The Department for Regional Development (DRD), which is implementing the cuts, has pointed to £29m funding it released for this financial year to buy more than 140 buses.

But the DRD has stopped short of commenting beyond the current financial year.

A DRD spokeswoman said: “We have just announced £29m for the purchase of 145 buses. A number of these buses were introduced to service last month, with the remainder to be introduced later this year and early 2013.”

She added: “After a significant period of investment in the Translink bus fleet, it is expected to meet set Government targets for accessibility (100%) and average age at the end of this year. Further bids will be made to assist Translink continue to reinvest going forward.”


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