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Translink denies bus claim

Translink has denied that it cancelled the Rathmore to Bangor town centre bus route over the Twelfth.

North Down MLA Peter Weir said that residents in the area were “getting a poor deal” after claiming that the service was cancelled completely on July 12 and 13th.

“At holiday time, such as the period around July 12, it is not surprising that there is a temporary reduced timetable for public transport,” Mr Weir said. “There appears however to be some inequity in the way that it is being applied in Bangor, with residents in the Rathmore aregetting a poor deal. There may be a logical reason, but I find the action of Translink bewildering.”

A Translink spokeswoman said there was a special holiday timetable in place over the 12th, adding: “Residents in the Rathmore area could have travelled on the Bangor to Belfast service 1-2.”

Belfast Telegraph