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Translink driver who gave coat to homeless man receives special kindness award

It was a simple act of kindness which touched the hearts of people across Northern Ireland

By Claire Williamson

The kind-hearted Translink Metro bus driver who gave a winter coat to a homeless man in Belfast has received a special award for his kindness.

In December Paul Doyle had spotted a young man sitting on the street on a previous run and wanted to give him something to help him in the winter months.

His story was shared across Northern Ireland as he stopped his Metro 10H service to give the homeless man a winter coat with some food and cash.

Thinking nothing more of it, he went on with the rest of his route - but one of his passengers shared the inspiring tale on Facebook and it was subsequently shared thousands of times.

Paul, who was based in the Falls Road bus depot in west Belfast, then joined forces with him employer Translink, radio station U105 and Hastings Hotel to encourage people to donate clothing to help those vulnerable people stay warm during the coldest time of the year.

The companies teamed up with the the Council for the Homeless NI, the umbrella organisation for homeless groups and the SOS Bus, which provides help to those in need on the streets, for the Christmas Campaign.

Now the bus driver has received a special award from the National Campaign for Courtesy in recognition of his "exceptional example of kindness".

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